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"If one does not respect the mountain, the mountain will not respect you." This is the basic tenant of my philosophy of climbing mountains.

Mountain climbing is as much dangerous as it is spiritual. For those who climb, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not climb, no explanation is possible.

Climbing is not so much about the reaching summit but the journey along the way. I have attempted Everest and know that summiting an 8,000 meter peak is not in my destiny....the journey continues.

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"Mountains are cathedrals: grand and pure, the houses of my religion. I go to them as humans go to worship...From their lofty summits, I view my past, dream of the future, and with unusual acuity I am allowed to experience the present moment. My strength renewed, my vision cleared, in the mountains I celebrate creation. On each journey I am reborn."

- Anatoli Boukreev

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