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My Bucket List

Untill the movie The Bucket List came out I called this list of "10 Things I want to do before I die" The ones in Red are the ones that I have done. They are in order of when they were accomplished and the remaining ones in black still await. And by the way, there are not 10 things on my list.
  1. Go to the Himalayas - Done 2001!

  2. Climb Mount Everest- Done 2004!

  3. Summit all 54 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado - Done 2007!

  4. Live in Colorado - Done 2008!

  5. Ski 1 day in every month in a single calendar year. Done 2008!

  6. Summit Top 100 peaks in Colorado Expected Completion Summer 2012

  7. Learn to ride a horse

  8. Go to surf school